Blogging was never in my list. I am the kind of person who never ever thought of PLAN B in her life. After completing my studies, I started working and this kept on until 2017. I learned, earned and gained many experiences – some good and some bad as well – from my different jobs but somewhere I was not happy the way it was going. I realised that I was heading towards a mediocre life, which was getting mechanical with each passing day.

Impacts on health

On health front also, I started having serious issues. My cervical spondylitis issue, which I got during my second job, aggravated so badly. The inability of getting up on my own from bed every morning still sends chill down my spine. Turning from one side to another was absolutely impossible for me. There were times when I lied on a same position the whole night as I was unable to move my body. The pain on my neck, shoulders and entire back area was excruciating. That was the time, I understood the gravity of my health condition. I decided to take a break from my professional life and shifted my complete focus on improving my health. From homeopathic treatment to acupressure, acupuncture, yoga and regular exercises; I did all and managed to get rid of it to a great extent. This whole period of sickness was very difficult but I survived it and again gained valuable experience from those difficult times.

How the idea of blogging surfaced?

During this health break, some of my friends suggested me to write blogs. Though I liked it, I never gave it a serious thought. So one fine day, one of my friends once again talked to me regarding writing blogs. This time, I gave my clear consent to this idea. And the next moment, my friend started searching for my website’s domain name. It was available so without wasting any time, I bought it. That’s how it all started during a casual chat with my friend.

Choosing a topic for blogging

Now, the issue was what topics should I pick for blogging? Of course, travel blogging was the first and foremost one as I love exploring new places. But as it was already lockdown going on all across India, I started writing with my last trip in September 2019. I kept coming across various topics for my blogs and so far tried to cover some here on this blogging website. As we are still not over from this current pandemic situation, all my travel blogs would be from my past trips, whereas rest ones would be covering different aspects of life.

What I achieved here

Writing for my own blogging website has given me the liberty to express my views. Unlike a job, there is no pressure to write stuffs to impress boss or clients, there is no target to achieve, there is no compulsion to prove myself. I have always believed in speaking my mind, conveying my own thoughts sans anyone’s influence. Such liberty I enjoy here. I write here to fulfil my love for writing. 🙂