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Y+ Category Security to Kangana Ranaut – Is It Justified?

If one has to describe Kangana Ranaut in few words, it would surely be – bold and undaunted. The way she has kept on speaking about the petty politics in bullywood (bollywood), has earned her more enemies than friends. Moreover, the way she has come forth consistently by spilling the beans of this dirty industry, this was imminent. I do not find anything wrong in nepotism as everyone helps his/her own family members in establishing themselves. This is quite obvious. But, stopping talented outsiders from growing, bullying them and doing their character assassination by writing blind items on them; all these shallow tactics must be strongly opposed. And when Kangana openly confronted bullywood people on this, she started offending their eyes.

Kangana appeared on interviews with Arnab Goswami where she boldly revealed about nepotism, sycophancy, drug abuse and anti-India rhetoric prevalent in the industry. One-by-one she made sensational revelation even if it was related to her own life or someone else’s. As a matter of fact, everyone is well-aware of powerful people’s dominance in bullywood.

Ex-RAW officer Mr. NK Sood has many times mentioned about the dominance of global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and Dubai-Karachi (DK) gang in bullywood. It was Mr. Sood who very first revealed about the role of underworld in the murder of Sushant Singh Rajput. According to him, there are total 11 gangs in bullywood, including orgy and charas (marijuana) gangs.

Now, Kangana has avowedly meddled with all high and mighty in bullywood. Palghar sadhus’ lynching, nationalism, terrorism, anti-India stance of bullywood; she is so vocally speaking about these issues which will naturally trouble them. It could be possible that she might be getting patronage from BJP or any other political party. What’s wrong in this? People like Swara Bhaskar, Javed Akhtar, Tapsee Pannu are doing the same thing. Then why such hullabaloo is being made? Kangana has raised such issues, which have been affecting India for years. By being so upfront, she has greatly risked her career, her and her family members’ lives. When Maharashtra was setting new records in the growing cases of corona virus, the state government hired bullywood to heap praises on it. The same way, the Uddhav government is returning the favour to them. It is the simple rule of give and take and clearly visible in the case of Sushant and Kangana.

This is the reason for Maharashtra government’s such irresponsible approach in the Sushant murder case. From government to police and bullywood, the way they have done injustice to Sushant at least people will never forgive them. This public aggression is unprecedented in each way and people are playing their parts to ensure justice to Sushant.

Many say that BJP and other political parties are doing politics in the cover of Kangana and Sushant’s case. This is not a new thing. In a way, this is proving to be a positive thing towards the cleaning of Hindi film industry and ensuring punishment to culprits involved in the brutal murder of Sushant. Nothing can be said about political parties because in politics no one is permanent friend or enemy. Parties change their stance at every moment according to their vested interests.

Even before the tragic death of Sushant, Kangana openly spoke against bullywood people which always made me to think how was she able to still survive in the industry and at the same time surprised at her well-being. The cases of Vivek Oberoi, Sridevi, Jiah Khan, Divya Bharti are well-known. Also the case of Ravindra Patil, the bodyguard of Salman Khan who was present with Salman in his car during hit and run incident, is worth mentioning. Patil was a constable with Mumbai Police and gave the statement that it was Salman, who was driving the car that night. Patil paid for his honesty by getting himself suspended by Mumbai police. Eventually, Salman Khan was acquitted of all charges and Patil died of TB in absolute penury. Till his death, Patil stood by his statement and said that nobody supported him, not even Mumbai police.

Another reason for the Maharashtra government, bullywood and political parties to be afraid of Kangana is her statements, which are now opening up the pandora’s box of their deadly nexus. The pace with which CBI, ED, NCB are progressing in Sushant’s case, there is a high possibility of NIA making its entry which will definitely become a reason of huge worry for all such anti-India elements. As per Mr. Sood, ED has already started interrogating Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

The links of Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul with David Coleman Headley, American terrorist of Pakistani origin, came to light few years ago. Rahul was in touch with Headley, who conspired in plotting the 2008 Mumbai attacks and currently serving a lengthy sentence in a US jail. But this matter was hushed up by the then ruling UPA government. When people like Mahesh Bhatt can have such huge influence then imagine about those people’s dominance, who are ruling this industry for the last 20-30 years. Recently, the pictures of many celebs surfaced on the internet with an ISI agent Anil Mussarat. The same time, Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri’s photos with JKLF separatist Tony Ashai were also doing the rounds.

Kangana has put forth such issues which involves the state government, bullywood, police, underworld and drug mafias. So, the threat to her life is quite evident. Ministers and Shiv Sena members are threatening her with consequences like breaking her mouth, saying that she has no right to live in Mumbai, calling her names several times then the whole pictures get clearer. The Indian Government providing her with Y category security is absolutely right as we do not want another Sushant like case.

This is the same Maharashtra government who inspite of Sushant’s family’s request did not provide him any security. It made all-out attempts to declare Sushant’s cold-blodded murder a case of suicide but failed miserably. The question is at whose behest it did so and what is its compulsion for such stand? Now, the misdeeds of these people are visible they will vent their frustration in this way or the other. However, it is clear that they all will have to pay a huge price for it which has started with bullywood.

A Bright Star Gone Too Soon

“I have had dreams, and I’ve had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams.” – Jonas Salk

Having big dreams is not wrong, nor their shattering is. What actually unfortunate is the shattering of a person when s/he is no more able to dream big, when s/he is totally hopeless with life, when s/he is unable to search the rainbow behind those dark clouds.

The suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput has come as a big shock to all of us. Sushant – a handsome, intelligent, vibrant, multi-talented man – had aspirations to reach for the skies.

Sushant with his infectious smile Courtesy: Twitter/@itsSSR

Sushant was not my favourite actor nor have I watched all of his films. But don’t know why I feel this pain of him leaving the world. And like me, people all over the country are experiencing this pain.

My friends and I are often talking about his smiling face. At times, I feel horrible imagining his mental condition, the loneliness he had been going through, the pain of rejection he was bearing since last few years. The more I try to divert my attention from him, the more I chance upon getting his videos or news on social media platforms. Even while writing this blog also, I got this video of him, which completely shows how full of life and down-to-earth he was. He was undoubtedly a self-made actor.

The sudden demise of this super talented, young man, who had a long list of things to be achieved, is absolutely an unbelievable thing.

The long list of his dreams Courtesy: Google

There are reports all over the media about him dealing with depression, which is being seen as the main reason behind his extreme step. As per some reports, he was boycotted by almost all big banners and was ousted from many projects. This might be the main cause of him going into depression and eventually taking his life. Failed relationships can also be a factor. He was in so much of pain and pressure yet he did not let people know what he was going through because of his introvert nature. He must have shared his problems with his loved ones but seems like that too could not help him get out of it.

The prevalent nepotism in Bollywood is being blamed for his suicide. This nepotism is everywhere, in every field. There is nothing surprising or new about it. People having big links are given preferences, irrespective of not having considerable talent; whereas deserving people continue to struggle. Few are lucky who make it in the industry, rest either switch to other professions or leave this world in frustration born out of constant rejections.

But the way these Bollywood mafias were hell-bent on destroying Sushant’s career speaks volumes about their arrogant, egoistic and sadistic behaviour. A bright person like him, who had made a mark on small as well as big screen only on the basis of his extraordinary talent and hard work, would have never imagined such kind of ruthlessness on these Bollywood sharks’ part. He was not at all a threat to anyone not even to those privileged star kids who are still here without any talent or acting skills, all thanks to their strong family/political backgrounds. As it is always said, behind this glittering, glamorous world of Bollywood lies a dark, gloomy reality where the dreams and hopes of many people like Sushant get crushed every day.

These are few meaningful dialogues from his last movie, Chhichhore.

हम हार जीत, सक्सेस फेलियर में इतना उलझ गए हैं…
कि ज़िन्दगी जीना भूल गए हैं।
ज़िन्दगी में अगर कुछ सबसे ज़्यादा इम्पोर्टेन्ट है…
तो वो है ख़ुद ज़िन्दगी।

सक्सेस के बाद का प्लान सबके पास है…
लेकिन अगर गलती से फ़ैल हो गए…
तो फेलियर से कैसे डील करना है…
इसकी कोई बात ही नहीं करना चाहता।

दूसरों से हार के लूज़र कहलाने से
कहीं ज्यादा बुरा है…
खुद से हार के लूज़र कहलाना।
तुम्हारा रिज़ल्ट डिसाइड नहीं करता है…
कि तुम लूज़र हो कि नहीं…
तुम्हारी कोशिश तय करती है।

This blog is my humble tribute to Sushant who in his very short lifetime left an indelible mark of his outstanding work, intelligence and generous nature.

I still cannot get over with his untimely, unjustified worldly departure; I never will. These following lines absolutely define you, Sushant.

“They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.” – Kurt Cobain

Stay happy wherever you are.

Om Shanti!!

Edit: Now-a-days, so many theories are cropping up on Sushant’s death from suicide to planned murder. Whatever it is, truth must come out so that he and his family get justice.

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