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When You Have an Artistic Sibling

We all are born with some inherent qualities. This is absolutely true in my elder sister Swaran’s case. Apart from being an awesome cook, she is flawless in making sketches. Swaran has a God-gifted talent to whom drawing something or making sketches is like a child’s play.

After completing her formal education, Swaran worked for some time and eventually got married. As it happens always, she got so much busy in her family responsibilities and raising kids that we all forgot how talented she was. Few years back, I happened to see my niece’s one of school assignments prepared by my sister. Her artistic bent of mind was clearly visible and impressed me extremely. I encouraged my sister to focus on her exceptional talent for art. But like all busy full time moms, she listened to me yet forgot about it.

Still, I did not lose hope. I kept on persuading and reminding her about her love for art. It took her some time to once again start drawing. But when she started it, she proved how brilliant she was in it.                          

Not only my sister but my nephew has also shown his love for art. Seems like this budding artist will soon give a tough competition to his mother.     

Some pieces of art by friends

I believe that there will be people in our family, relatives or friend circle who have such innate but dormant qualities. Let’s encourage such people to discover their hidden talent.                                            

Staying Positive During Coronavirus Pandemic

We all had many expectations with 2020. Some may have planned for a career or job change. Some would have thought of finally getting hitched. Many must have prepared their fresh travel bucket list while people like me were all set to join yoga classes. Everything seemed to be going well until the villain – Coronavirus – made its entry and brought everything to a standstill.

This must be for the first time ever when almost the entire world is under a pandemic’s grip. Developed countries are worst affected with huge numbers of casualties and crashed economies. Thankfully, the situation in India is not that bad and together all of us are waging this war against the Covid-19 virus fiercely.

So now the question is how can we stay positive amid all this environment of fear and anxiety? Well, I have applied following things in my life to keep myself mentally strong.

Go for your favourite hobby or find a new one

For me, music has always been the best way to unwind myself. Apart from that, watching good movies and reading good stuff, it could be anything not necessarily books, have helped me in destressing myself. I have also started doing meditation, yoga and other physical exercises to keep myself mentally and physically fit. Sometimes I watch motivational videos as well. Painting, gardening, cooking, writing, indoor games, photography are some activities which anyone can indulge in at the comfort of their homes.

Sketches by my sister – the good result of lockdown

Keep negative news at arm’s length

When the lockdown started, I used to daily surf the internet regarding coronavirus news updates in morning. This resulted in me as anxiety and fear. So I immediately stopped this for few days. Once I felt better, I started the same but this time more carefully. I google news during daytime just for the sake of staying updated.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Stop worrying about things

Breathe easy. Don’t overburden yourself with things. We all are going through trying times but this too shall pass. Have faith. When the going seems to be difficult, talk to your spouse, friends or parents. And when your loved ones are scared, comfort them with your love and soothing words. Problems are about sharing burdens and caring for your near and dear ones. The journey of life has never been easy and facing problems head on will only boost your morale eventually making you stronger like never before.

Develop your skills

This is the best time to hone your existing skills or learn some new. Many of us, due to our busy work life, could never really focus on polishing them. Don’t let this opportunity just go like this and start working on it today.

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

Praise the beauty of nature

How many times have you ever noticed the natural beauty around you? When was the last time you saw the rising sun or listened to the chirping of birds or enjoyed the melodious singing of cuckoo? No worries. Now is the time. Come out of your air-conditioned rooms. Go to your home’s balcony or terrace and let the wind caress you. Behold the beauty of star-lit night with a splendid moon. You will feel the healing within you the same way nature has started showing since the implementation of lockdown.

Sunset view from my home

Adding the medicine of laughter to life

Don’t suppress your feelings. Open up and embrace the laughter therapy. This stress relieving exercise amazingly benefits our mental, physical and emotional being. Laughter helps in improving immunity, increasing lung capacity through deep breathing and enhancing oxygen delivery to all body parts. It provides internal massage to our digestive tract and improves blood supply to our internal organs.  

Image by Emi Lija from Pixabay

Learn from mistakes and have gratitude

It’s okay to goof up. The most valuable life lessons come from bad experiences. They make you wiser and help in having an easy, less-complicated attitude towards life. In addition to this having gratitude for the blessings we have, encourages us in developing a positive bent of mind. Therefore, we attract more positive things in life.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Each adverse situation always brings something good with it. Same is with this #Coronavirus ordeal. Whatever may be the current scenario, this time is going to be one of the most life-changing experiences for all of us.

So, stay home, stay safe and be happy.

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