We all are born with some inherent qualities. This is absolutely true in my elder sister Swaran’s case. Apart from being an awesome cook, she is flawless in making sketches. Swaran has a God-gifted talent to whom drawing something or making sketches is like a child’s play.

After completing her formal education, Swaran worked for some time and eventually got married. As it happens always, she got so much busy in her family responsibilities and raising kids that we all forgot how talented she was. Few years back, I happened to see my niece’s one of school assignments prepared by my sister. Her artistic bent of mind was clearly visible and impressed me extremely. I encouraged my sister to focus on her exceptional talent for art. But like all busy full time moms, she listened to me yet forgot about it.

Still, I did not lose hope. I kept on persuading and reminding her about her love for art. It took her some time to once again start drawing. But when she started it, she proved how brilliant she was in it.                          

Not only my sister but my nephew has also shown his love for art. Seems like this budding artist will soon give a tough competition to his mother.     

Some pieces of art by friends

I believe that there will be people in our family, relatives or friend circle who have such innate but dormant qualities. Let’s encourage such people to discover their hidden talent.