Music has always been a relaxing therapy for me. This profound love for music goes back to the time when I must be hardly 9 or 10. That was the time when I started realising my irresistible inclination towards music. As times passed, I also noticed my natural tendency of easily memorising any song.

This love for music was tend to increase manifold when you had a music buff as your neighbour. We all knew Sengupta uncle’s ardent love for music. Almost every evening, he used to play evergreen songs from 50 to 80s era, and I must admit that he had one of the greatest music collections with him. His all time favourite singers are Mohd. Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. Many times, he used to play Bengali music and sometimes latest hits of those years. I always enjoyed his super collections of melodious songs.

On weekends, he used to play songs in daytime and I used to sing along with those songs. Eventually when he learnt about my music love, he started discussing it with me. Those small discussion sessions were so enjoyable and full of good info. We both used to share our thoughts and sometimes have a healthy argument on the topic. There were many instances when he came to my house only to know about particular details of a song. It was the time of 90s and google was not even there. In that situation, the only source of information on music was movies, newspapers and television.

All this continued even when I went to college and started working. Whenever Sengupta uncle had a confusion regarding any song or he had to share some knowledge with me, he used to come to my house. All knew that music was the strongest reason for our bonding.

As times changed, technology advanced to many levels and it became quite easy to store your favourite music. In my case, I started carrying all my songs in my mobile phone as it is quite easy and you do not need any extra stuff to listen to your favourite songs instantly. So whenever I feel like listening to any particular favourite song of mine, I just go to my phone’s music library and enjoy it.

Few years back, my family shifted to our own house and Sengupta uncle and his family, too, permanently shifted their base to Kolkata. I am still in touch with him and his wife and still remember those old days of our music discussion sessions.