It’s a well-known fact that Twitter is a leftist organisation. Anything which goes against their so-called ideology, they simply muzzle it. Few years ago, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, admitted of Twitter being a ‘more left-leaning’ organisation in an interview.

So, when religious fanaticism resulted in the massacre of innocent ISKCON devotees in Bangladesh, Twitter, as usual, kept its eyes closed. Its action does not surprise me anymore.

Hindus in India and in Islamist nations like – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – have been the victims of the same religious fanaticism for centuries. And the worst part is that their massacres, at the hands of these Islamic radicals, have been whitewashed by the same leftist historians of India. Such a disgrace!

Apart from the killing of ISKCON devotees, so many rape cases have been reported in Bangladesh. The barbarians did not leave anyone – be it a minor girl or a 60-year-old woman. Same was seen in the post-poll violence in West Bengal. Numerous cases of brutal killings, loot and rapes were reported. But the ‘renowned’ intellectuals, journalists and other personalities often call India an insecure, intolerant country for minorities, which means only Muslims – not micro minorities like Jains, Buddhists, Parsis.

When ISKCON Bangladesh and a Hindu organisation kept reporting about these atrocities being committed against Hindus there, the left-leaning Twitter blocked them for which ideology comes first as compared to the Hindu lives and honour of Hindu women.

This same Twitter openly let ‘eminent’ journalists sing in the praise of hardcore terrorists, who are behind the deaths of innocent civilians. All these habitual offenders are openly spreading fake news pertaining to India. But their accounts are still functioning. We all know why.

All these big social media websites – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – are leftist organisations. Expecting anything humane from them for innocent people having different opinions or ideologies is nothing but a big delusion.