Someone recently asked me about Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to ban firecrackers in Delhi ahead of Diwali. So here’s my opinion about the same.


Yes, Kejriwal is absolutely right in banning firecrackers as only crackers produce pollution in Delhi, neither vehicles emitting black smoke nor stubble burning. 


Kejriwal is absolutely right in banning firecrackers as they create panic among animals the same way panic was created among people in Delhi during 2020 riots. 


Kejriwal is absolutely right in banning firecrackers as the ‘massive’ pollution created during Diwali prove to be ‘harmful’ for old people, patients and children. But the glorious Delhi CM and his henchmen failed to stop black marketing of oxygen and life-saving medicines during the second wave of corona. Result – thousands of death recorded all over the city just in a span of 3 months.


Kejriwal is absolutely right in banning firecrackers as he has wasted a whopping amount of 800 crores in advertisements in last two years in stead of using them in public welfare schemes. Had some part of this amount been spent on tackling the everlasting problem of pollution, it could have changed the whole scenario in Delhi. It is also noteworthy that when people of Delhi were desperately struggling for arranging oxygen cylinders for their loved ones, the same Kejriwal government spent 64 crores only in advertisements during the period of April-June 2021 – the second and most fatal wave of corona so far in India.


Sly Kejriwal is hell-bent on ruining Delhi by introducing policies favourable to only one community. Providing shelter to illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya immigrants is one such example. I hope people of Delhi are more aware now than ever before. Still, I am skeptical about them. Who knows next time, after the free electricity and water offer, the freebie of  oxygen may bring a change of heart in them making Kejriwal once again the ‘Raja of Delhi.’