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Month: June 2020

Krishna Bhakti – Chapter Shishupal

   Lord Krishna Courtesy: Google

Who was Shishupal?

Shishupal was the son of King Damaghosha of Chedi kingdom. His mother Shrutashrava was Lord Krishna’s paternal aunt, thus they were cousins.

The story of his three incarnation goes like this. According to Bhagavata Purana, once Jaya and Vijaya, Lord Vishnu’s attendants at Vaikuntha (Vishnu ji’s abode), refused the entry of four Kumaras. These four Kumaras were Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara – the manasputras (sons born from the thought power) of Brahma. As a result, they cursed Jaya and Vijaya that they would be born on earth three times, each time as an enemy of Lord Vishnu and would be killed by one of His incarnations. In their first life, they were Hiranyakashyapa and Hirnaksha, Ravana and Kumbhakarna in second and Kansa and Shishupal in the third.

             Vaikuntha – the abode of Lord Vishnu Courtesy:

His birth, deformity and cure

During his birth, Shishupal was born with three eyes and four arms. There was a prophecy which said that his deformity would be cured when a certain person would put him on his lap but he would also be killed by the same person. His parents took him to many sages and kings to get him rid of his deformity, but all in vain.

Once Lord Krishna visited his aunt Shrutshrava and put baby Shishupal on his lap. His deformity get cured instantly. Then Shrutshrava requested Lord Krishna to forgive Shishupal hundred times before killing him to which Lord Krishna agreed.

Disliking for Lord Krishna

Shishupal was a friend of Kansa and Jarasandha. Lord Krishna killed Kansa and also helped Bhima in killing Jarasandha. These incidents resulted in his dislike for Lord Krishna. Shishupal was also the friend of Rukma. Rukma’s sister Rukmani wanted to marry Lord Krishna but Rukma fixed her marriage with Shishupal. So on her wedding day, she eloped with Lord Krishna and married him. This particular incident increased Shishupal’s hatred for Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna and Rukmani Courtesy: Google

Lord Krishna Killing Shishupal at Rajasuya Yagna

During Rajasuya Yagna organised by Yudhishthara, it was decided to worship Lord Krishna on Nakul’s suggestion. Bhishm Pitamah also supported this. Shishupal objected to this and started insulting and abusing Lord Krishna. Pandavas, Matasya, Kekaya and Srichayvarsha kings got up from their seats to kill Shishupal but were deterred by Lord Krishna. Shishupal kept on calling him names and Lord Krishna listened everything silently. Even when he crossed the limit of 100, Lord Krishna warned him to either keep quiet or leave the place immediately. Shishupal did not budge and continued humiliating Lord Krishna. Finally, Lord Krishna chopped off Shishupal’s head with his Sudarshan Chakra. A light emerged from his corpse and absorbed into Lord Krishna.

      End of Shishupal by Lord Krishna Courtesy: Google

A Bright Star Gone Too Soon

“I have had dreams, and I’ve had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams.” – Jonas Salk

Having big dreams is not wrong, nor their shattering is. What actually unfortunate is the shattering of a person when s/he is no more able to dream big, when s/he is totally hopeless with life, when s/he is unable to search the rainbow behind those dark clouds.

The suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput has come as a big shock to all of us. Sushant – a handsome, intelligent, vibrant, multi-talented man – had aspirations to reach for the skies.

Sushant with his infectious smile Courtesy: Twitter/@itsSSR

Sushant was not my favourite actor nor have I watched all of his films. But don’t know why I feel this pain of him leaving the world. And like me, people all over the country are experiencing this pain.

My friends and I are often talking about his smiling face. At times, I feel horrible imagining his mental condition, the loneliness he had been going through, the pain of rejection he was bearing since last few years. The more I try to divert my attention from him, the more I chance upon getting his videos or news on social media platforms. Even while writing this blog also, I got this video of him, which completely shows how full of life and down-to-earth he was. He was undoubtedly a self-made actor.

The sudden demise of this super talented, young man, who had a long list of things to be achieved, is absolutely an unbelievable thing.

The long list of his dreams Courtesy: Google

There are reports all over the media about him dealing with depression, which is being seen as the main reason behind his extreme step. As per some reports, he was boycotted by almost all big banners and was ousted from many projects. This might be the main cause of him going into depression and eventually taking his life. Failed relationships can also be a factor. He was in so much of pain and pressure yet he did not let people know what he was going through because of his introvert nature. He must have shared his problems with his loved ones but seems like that too could not help him get out of it.

The prevalent nepotism in Bollywood is being blamed for his suicide. This nepotism is everywhere, in every field. There is nothing surprising or new about it. People having big links are given preferences, irrespective of not having considerable talent; whereas deserving people continue to struggle. Few are lucky who make it in the industry, rest either switch to other professions or leave this world in frustration born out of constant rejections.

But the way these Bollywood mafias were hell-bent on destroying Sushant’s career speaks volumes about their arrogant, egoistic and sadistic behaviour. A bright person like him, who had made a mark on small as well as big screen only on the basis of his extraordinary talent and hard work, would have never imagined such kind of ruthlessness on these Bollywood sharks’ part. He was not at all a threat to anyone not even to those privileged star kids who are still here without any talent or acting skills, all thanks to their strong family/political backgrounds. As it is always said, behind this glittering, glamorous world of Bollywood lies a dark, gloomy reality where the dreams and hopes of many people like Sushant get crushed every day.

These are few meaningful dialogues from his last movie, Chhichhore.

हम हार जीत, सक्सेस फेलियर में इतना उलझ गए हैं…
कि ज़िन्दगी जीना भूल गए हैं।
ज़िन्दगी में अगर कुछ सबसे ज़्यादा इम्पोर्टेन्ट है…
तो वो है ख़ुद ज़िन्दगी।

सक्सेस के बाद का प्लान सबके पास है…
लेकिन अगर गलती से फ़ैल हो गए…
तो फेलियर से कैसे डील करना है…
इसकी कोई बात ही नहीं करना चाहता।

दूसरों से हार के लूज़र कहलाने से
कहीं ज्यादा बुरा है…
खुद से हार के लूज़र कहलाना।
तुम्हारा रिज़ल्ट डिसाइड नहीं करता है…
कि तुम लूज़र हो कि नहीं…
तुम्हारी कोशिश तय करती है।

This blog is my humble tribute to Sushant who in his very short lifetime left an indelible mark of his outstanding work, intelligence and generous nature.

I still cannot get over with his untimely, unjustified worldly departure; I never will. These following lines absolutely define you, Sushant.

“They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.” – Kurt Cobain

Stay happy wherever you are.

Om Shanti!!

Edit: Now-a-days, so many theories are cropping up on Sushant’s death from suicide to planned murder. Whatever it is, truth must come out so that he and his family get justice.

The Story Behind Becoming a Blogger

Blogging was never in my list. I am the kind of person who never ever thought of PLAN B in her life. After completing my studies, I started working and this kept on until 2017. I learned, earned and gained many experiences – some good and some bad as well – from my different jobs but somewhere I was not happy the way it was going. I realised that I was heading towards a mediocre life, which was getting mechanical with each passing day.

Impacts on health

On health front also, I started having serious issues. My cervical spondylitis issue, which I got during my second job, aggravated so badly. The inability of getting up on my own from bed every morning still sends chill down my spine. Turning from one side to another was absolutely impossible for me. There were times when I lied on a same position the whole night as I was unable to move my body. The pain on my neck, shoulders and entire back area was excruciating. That was the time, I understood the gravity of my health condition. I decided to take a break from my professional life and shifted my complete focus on improving my health. From homeopathic treatment to acupressure, acupuncture, yoga and regular exercises; I did all and managed to get rid of it to a great extent. This whole period of sickness was very difficult but I survived it and again gained valuable experience from those difficult times.

How the idea of blogging surfaced?

During this health break, some of my friends suggested me to write blogs. Though I liked it, I never gave it a serious thought. So one fine day, one of my friends once again talked to me regarding writing blogs. This time, I gave my clear consent to this idea. And the next moment, my friend started searching for my website’s domain name. It was available so without wasting any time, I bought it. That’s how it all started during a casual chat with my friend.

Choosing a topic for blogging

Now, the issue was what topics should I pick for blogging? Of course, travel blogging was the first and foremost one as I love exploring new places. But as it was already lockdown going on all across India, I started writing with my last trip in September 2019. I kept coming across various topics for my blogs and so far tried to cover some here on this blogging website. As we are still not over from this current pandemic situation, all my travel blogs would be from my past trips, whereas rest ones would be covering different aspects of life.

What I achieved here

Writing for my own blogging website has given me the liberty to express my views. Unlike a job, there is no pressure to write stuffs to impress boss or clients, there is no target to achieve, there is no compulsion to prove myself. I have always believed in speaking my mind, conveying my own thoughts sans anyone’s influence. Such liberty I enjoy here. I write here to fulfil my love for writing. 🙂

How I Became a Music Lover

Music has always been a relaxing therapy for me. This profound love for music goes back to the time when I must be hardly 9 or 10. That was the time when I started realising my irresistible inclination towards music. As times passed, I also noticed my natural tendency of easily memorising any song.

This love for music was tend to increase manifold when you had a music buff as your neighbour. We all knew Sengupta uncle’s ardent love for music. Almost every evening, he used to play evergreen songs from 50 to 80s era, and I must admit that he had one of the greatest music collections with him. His all time favourite singers are Mohd. Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. Many times, he used to play Bengali music and sometimes latest hits of those years. I always enjoyed his super collections of melodious songs.

On weekends, he used to play songs in daytime and I used to sing along with those songs. Eventually when he learnt about my music love, he started discussing it with me. Those small discussion sessions were so enjoyable and full of good info. We both used to share our thoughts and sometimes have a healthy argument on the topic. There were many instances when he came to my house only to know about particular details of a song. It was the time of 90s and google was not even there. In that situation, the only source of information on music was movies, newspapers and television.

All this continued even when I went to college and started working. Whenever Sengupta uncle had a confusion regarding any song or he had to share some knowledge with me, he used to come to my house. All knew that music was the strongest reason for our bonding.

As times changed, technology advanced to many levels and it became quite easy to store your favourite music. In my case, I started carrying all my songs in my mobile phone as it is quite easy and you do not need any extra stuff to listen to your favourite songs instantly. So whenever I feel like listening to any particular favourite song of mine, I just go to my phone’s music library and enjoy it.

Few years back, my family shifted to our own house and Sengupta uncle and his family, too, permanently shifted their base to Kolkata. I am still in touch with him and his wife and still remember those old days of our music discussion sessions.

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