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Month: May 2020

When You Have an Artistic Sibling

We all are born with some inherent qualities. This is absolutely true in my elder sister Swaran’s case. Apart from being an awesome cook, she is flawless in making sketches. Swaran has a God-gifted talent to whom drawing something or making sketches is like a child’s play.

After completing her formal education, Swaran worked for some time and eventually got married. As it happens always, she got so much busy in her family responsibilities and raising kids that we all forgot how talented she was. Few years back, I happened to see my niece’s one of school assignments prepared by my sister. Her artistic bent of mind was clearly visible and impressed me extremely. I encouraged my sister to focus on her exceptional talent for art. But like all busy full time moms, she listened to me yet forgot about it.

Still, I did not lose hope. I kept on persuading and reminding her about her love for art. It took her some time to once again start drawing. But when she started it, she proved how brilliant she was in it.                          

Not only my sister but my nephew has also shown his love for art. Seems like this budding artist will soon give a tough competition to his mother.     

Some pieces of art by friends

I believe that there will be people in our family, relatives or friend circle who have such innate but dormant qualities. Let’s encourage such people to discover their hidden talent.                                            

The First Solo Trip

Since childhood, I knew that I was fascinated by nature. Somewhere, this love has deep connection with me belonging to the hill state Uttarakhand. Various family trips made during childhood ended up in my unbreakable bond with nature.

During my trip to Kainchi Ashram in Uttarakhand, I got the opportunity to explore the nearby areas.

In this blog, I am sharing my experience of discovering those places.

The first day after visiting the ashram in Kainchi, I left for Garam Pani which was about 12 kms. Private cabs are available from Kainchi to Garam Pani but the owner of the restaurant, where I often used to have my meals, advised me to take a bus. One can easily get buses or shared jeeps from Kainchi, which are available in every 10-15 minutes and the fare is also reasonable.                                         

The main road outside Kainchi Ashram

Like any other place, buses here are usually overcrowded in morning and evening. Since, it was already half past noon, the bus I took was less crowded. The journey to Garam Pani was comfortable. One thing I strongly experienced during my entire Kainchi trip was that people there were so decent and helpful.

I reached Garam Pani in almost 20 minutes. After deboarding the bus, I simply walked towards the local market area. I can’t recall the last time when I strolled so freely in my city life. I was just walking down the road purposelessly. It was the month of September and the weather was little hot but overall I enjoyed it.        

                                   Shops in Garam Pani                                                                                               

While returning, I again chose to walk a little. After some time, to my sheer surprise, I found a place where I saw zip lining activity being performed. So, that was it. This adventurous soul tried her hand at the thrilling activity. 😎

Then, I went down towards the stream and spent some time there soaking my feet in the cold water. After some time, I left the place and took a bus to my hotel.

Next morning, I was waiting for a bus to travel to nearby places. There I met Monika, a doctor from Delhi, who was staying in a homestay close to my hotel. Soon, we gelled with each other and decided to visit the nearby tourist sites together. We took the bus for Kamal Tal and within an hour we were there.                                                                             

Like me, Monika turned out to be a great nature lover. So from there, we both set for a leisurely walk towards Naukuchiatal adjoining Kamal Tal. The views we came across during our nature walk left us awestruck.

Such enchanting views kept coming our way.                                           

On our way back, we stopped at Cafe by the Lake. What attracted us about the cafe was its outer decor.                                                                 

When we entered the cafe, we were equally struck by its interior beauty. The ambience, lights, music, books, furniture; all were complimenting one another. Food at the cafe was too amazing. Just sitting there was so relaxing.

Monika and I decided to leave together for Delhi by train the next day. Her friend arranged for our train tickets. Somewhere, we were not yet done with our sightseeing thing. So, the next morning both of us left for Sattal. We had only an hour to explore the place. Tourists at the lake were trying their hands in kayakaying and other activities while we two were busy in capturing the wonderful aspects of nature.              

We got so engrossed with the beauty of the place that we ran short of time. Both of us skipped our lunch in order to make for the lost time. We left the place in a hurry and took a bus to Kathgodam Railway Station. Luck was on our side that day. Both of us were literally running carrying our luggage but somehow we reached there just on time. Finally, I boarded the train with Monika cherishing many beautiful memories of Kainchi trip with me.

And yes, we finally had our dinner in the train. 😛

The Charismatic Irrfan

“Beehad mein baghi hote hain. Dakait milte hain parliament mein.” (There are rebels in ravine. Dacoits are found in parliament.)

I cannot forget this dialogue of Irrfan Khan-starrer movie “Pan Singh Tomar” following which the entire theatre burst into applause. The sound of clapping and hooting was overwhelming. Such was the impact of his dialogue delivery. I guess this was his only movie I watched in a theatre. Irrfan, who recently passed away after fighting a long battle with a rare form of cancer, was known for his effortless acting.

An accomplished actor like him received recognition little late. Irrfan’s initial years into acting had been struggling. He did many tv serials and few films. But it was Haasil and Maqbool in 2003 and 2004, respectively that gave him his all due success and boundless love of his fans.

Courtesy: Google

This success was followed by movies like The Namesake (2006), Life in a… Metro (2007) and Paan Singh Tomar (2011), which earned him National Film Award for best actor.        

Irrfan belongs to one of the finest generation of actors to whom acting came naturally. He had the mastery of expressing emotions without using a single word only through his magical eyes.

He kept on spelling his magic with his power-packed performances in Haider (2014), The Lunchbox (2013), Piku (2015) and Talvar (2015).

Be it the portrayal of the frustrated taxi business owner in Piku or the doting father of his last film Angrezi Medium (2020); Irrfan’s spontaneous acting again and again succeeded in winning his fans’ hearts.

So, in Hollywood, Irrfan showed his distinguished acting skills. From Slumdog Millionaire (2008) to The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Life of Pi (2012), Jurassic World (2015) and Inferno (2016); he proved himself as an actor par excellence.

For his notable contribution to the world of cinema, he was awarded with Padma Shri in 2011. Madaari (2016), Qarib Qarib Single (2017), Blackmail (2018), Hindi Medium (2017), Karwaan (2018) and Angrezi Medium (2020) are Irrfan’s final gifts to cinema connoisseurs.

Apart from Irrfan’s phenomenal skills, his generosity and simple attitude towards life, even after being in the glitzy world of show biz, were equally remarkable.

Today, we all are feeling the pain of his sudden untimely departure from this world. The void created by his death will never be filled.

Dear Irrfan, you are our shining star and you will always remain alive in our hearts. Om Shanti!

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